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News 2021

Date 11th April 2021

To All Members
You will be aware that, through the government’s roadmap, COVID based restrictions are being incrementally lifted. For SBGC the first easing will begin on Saturday April 17th when the green will re-open officially when the club president 12-30, Alan Guest will bowl the first wood. Like last year we will be operating a booking system, but this time with considerably more slots being available, each of 90 minutes duration. These are as follows.
10.30 to 12.00 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (not April 17th) Sunday
12.30 to 14.00 every day.
14.30 to 16.00 every day
To allow for grass cutting and general maintenance there will be no bowling on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Like last year there will be a booking system operated by Martin Wear who can be contacted on the following numbers.
07973 269829
07474 879035
01562 515641
Martin will book you in and allocate a rink.

We are, of course, still subject to procedures and protocols issued largely through advice from DCMS and Bowls England. Any breach of these could result in a loss of insurance cover.

To avoid unnecessary contact you are asked to leave the club within 10 minutes of the completion of your game. Similarly you should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your game. Entry onto the green is through the small wooden gate, not through the clubhouse. Footwear should be changed either in the car park or in the covered area next to the green. Apart from flat shoes there is no dress code.

1...A maximum of 24 on the premises at any time.
2...Spectators are not permitted at the moment.
3...The clubhouse, equipment store, changing rooms and kitchen remain closed.
4...Everyone should use the disabled toilet.
5...Litter should be taken home.
6...2 metre social distancing must be observed.
7...Sanitise hands and equipment before and after use.
8...Jacks and mats two of each per rink, will be stored outside the clubhouse and should be replaced there after use.
9...Rink markers will be in position for you and should be left there after your game.
10.Scoreboards and pushers must not be used.
11..Do not come to the club if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms.
12.. No measuring.
13..No handshakes, hugs, high fives etc.
14..Do not touch with your hands any woods that aren’t your own.
15..You will need to sign in when you arrive on the green. If you have the NHS COVID app you can use the venue check to signify your  presence.
16..Face covering must be worn in club house at all times.

Ensure that the clubhouse and main gate are both locked after your game. This must be done by every group even if you know another group is following yours. The small gate should be closed though not locked.


Some of the measures listed above may appear over-fussy or even pedantic. However, we are sure that by keeping to them SBGC will be as safe as we can possibly make it. We look forward to seeing you all again and to welcoming our new members to the club.

Look after each other and stay safe.

SBGC management committee.




Stourport Bowling Green Club Members


The green will be ready for use on Monday 19th April. This is in keeping with previous years when we have aimed for a date in mid to late April. However, At present we do not know what restrictions and protocols will need to be applied. We are waiting for the outcome of talks between Bowls England and the DCMS. Last summer you will remember that initially the rule of 6 applied, which was subsequently raised to 18 As soon as we receive the information from Bowls England we will, of course, notify you. 


For as long as numbers on the green are restricted, the pre-booking system will operate as it did last year, with the addition of Saturday and Sunday play. Martin Wear has kindly agreed to manage the bookings as he did last year. 


Subject to dates on the government’s road map remaining as they are local leagues will begin on the following dates.

Midweek League Wednesday 19th May.

Redditch Triples Monday 19th July

Kidderminster Triples Thursday 22nd July.


The management committee will remain in it’s present form until the next scheduled AGM in January 2022.Meanwhile the committee will continue with it’s monthly Zoom meetings until such time as we are able to meet with each other in person.


We look forward to a better season than last. It could hardly be worse, Stay safe. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


The SBGC management committee.



Hi all

As of now short mat bowling is to stop in line with the National Lockdown Restrictions which will come into force from Thursday 5th November. We will hopefully return to bowling during December as the restrictions ease.

Please stay safe everyone.

 Remember wash hands, wear a mask, make space <-----> 2mtrs.