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Club History

The Swann Inn Quoits Club was founded in 1853. In 1870 a bowling green was added when it was renamed Stourport Quoits and Bowling Club. When quoits was discontinued in 1923 it became known as its present name - Stourport Bowling Green Club.

In 1952 the then owner Thomas Vale & Sons Ltd sold the land to the club for £950, the freehold being vested in the names of four trustees - as it is now.

Based on the Federation style of play i.e. 'playing all over the green', in-house competitions and friendlies with other local clubs took place.

Membership was exclusive to gentlemen; ladies only being admitted as full members in 1993.

Many improvements were made to the clubhouse over the intervening years, but a major decision was taken in 2003 to introduce Rink bowling - in addition to the existing Federation - now renamed Mid-week.

During 2003/2004 considerable work to the green and surrounds, including the addition of an irrigation system, was undertaken by a band of dedicated club members to bring it up to the standard required for affiliation to the Worcester Bowling Association. Thereby enabling the club to enter County competitions and to host visiting clubs.

During 2004 the club secured a grant to purchase modular buildings which members modified to become changing rooms. Even with these additions it soon became apparent that there was insufficient space and facilities in the club house to cater for the numbers attending rink matches.

In 2008 the clubhouse was extended, being financed by a large donation from a trustee, Bert Matthews, together with donations and loans (all since repaid) from members. Whilst the shell was professionally built, costs were minimised by members giving many hours of voluntary practical work in the fitting out, painting etc. This extension included additional changing rooms, accessible toilet facilities and the space to play short mat bowls during winter months. Various grants were received to purchase the required stacking chairs and short mat bowling equipment.

A further major development took place immediately after the 2008 season ended, when the playing surface was replaced with the assistance of a grant from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

Further improvements were undertaken in 2013 when a grant was received from Biffa Award to install new kitchen facilities; replace the paving around the green and insulate the club house ceiling.

Later the same year, Sport England provided funds to repair a leak to the club house roof; renewal of fencing and resurfacing of the car park including improved drainage. In 2015 a further grant was received from Biffa Award to completely refurbish the toilets.